If you asked a friend if they thought they were stressed, they may answer no, yet they are displaying signs of stress overload.

If you asked me if I were stressed just two months ago, I would have said "no". This is the stress that sits in the background, it is subtle and seemingly quiet kind of stress.

It's not the stress brought on from the death of a loved one, a divorce, a child with special needs. It's nothing obvious, yet when a circumstance changes the stress vanishes and one feels a sense of calm.

Most of us experience the subtleties of stress without realizing we are under stress.

Some of the symptoms of stress include: weight gain, weight loss, inability to focus, shortness of breath, anxiety, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, increase in self-sabotaging behaviors.

This is one of the greatest reasons you want to learn how to do a workshop to teach people how to manage stress.

Whether you want to get your certification in clinical hypnosis or not. If you think your clients, or your friends would benefit by attending a workshop, attend my upcoming webinar on Tuesday 9/11 at 6 pm.

I will teach you the 7 steps to running your own workshop using hypnosis techniques. How cool is that?

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