No, hypnosis as a therapy is not "stage hypnosis", and no, you will not be asked to quack like a duck.

Everyone has heard of hypnosis, yet not everyone understands how it works. The most common question I get is this, "what is hypnosis"? I believe clients are really asking, what can hypnosis help with and how does it work?

These are great questions as there is a lot of myth around hypnosis. Here are a few myths you might want to learn:

1.) If you get hypnotized you will do things you wouldn't normally do, example; quack like a duck.

2.) Everyone can be hypnotized. Most people can be hypnotized, however, the older a person is the more difficult it becomes. People with mental illness are not good subjects.

3.) Hypnosis usually only takes one session. This can be possible, however, people who make a commitment to at least 4 sessions, and do their homework, are most likely to experience success.

Want more of this? Join me on Sunday 9/23 at 10 am for a webinar on "Case Studies". Why hypnosis works sometimes and not others?

Here is a little gift for you, enjoy!