Have you ever wondered if you got what it takes to be a great hypnotist?

Let's explore;

Do people come to you with their life challenges looking for solution?

Are you a good listener?

Do you have a good imagination?

Have you always had a desire to help people?

Do you enjoy talking to people?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you would make a wonderful hypnotist.

If you are a natural healer you find that people gravitate to you. You find they are suddenly telling you their whole life story and you never asked.

I remember getting my haircut a few years back. I did nothing other than smile politely at the person in the next chair. Within minutes this person went through the details of a recent divorce. I never asked a question, yet they were comfortable sharing their life with me.

A good listener is someone who listens deeply, holds space for someone to process, and makes possible suggestions when invited to do so. A listener doesn't judge, just holds a safe presence.

Imagination is a wonderful skill to have. I have always thought of the world of healing as creating a master piece. If you can imagine an outcome, you can imagine a process, and here is where you take your clients from point a to z in their process. Sometimes from a-f and one step at a time.

A desire to help people is innate, it's not a learned behavior, it's just something that comes naturally to you. Think about the first time you reached out to help someone in need.

One of my earliest memories of reaching out to help someone resulted in two burnt hands. At 7 years old you don't always think of the consequences of being helpful. When the muffler fell off the motorcycle I should not have picked it up for the guy. Lesson learned, and yes, sometimes with all our helpfulness we get burned.

Learning how to hold boundaries is important and can be learned. This is one skill that isn't necessarily innate as a healer.