We all need a whack on the side of the head at times. Especially when it comes to creating our lives. All too often we stop with the one idea, the idea that someone stomps out as soon as you suggest it.

It sounds like this: "What if I ........?" followed by; "that would never work!" Then onto another topic leaving all possibilities dead.

Unfortunately, this is where much of our creativity stops. What if we continued to explore all possibilities, what could we create then?

What if you wanted to expand your knowledge in the field of holistic therapies? What has stopped you in the past? What is stopping you now?

Let's try a little exercise to explore all possibilities. Here are some of the more common challenges in the way of living out our full potential:

  • I can't afford to continue my own education.

Now come up with ALL POSSIBILITIES to this obstacle.

  • I don't have time to study.

Name at least 5 possibilities even if they are far fetched.

  • I don't know if I could bring this work out to the world.

Name at least 5 people you know that would love to receive the work from you.

Possibilities are endless if only we will allow the universe to help us see them.

Instead of making statements, start asking questions such as;

  • What has to happen for me to afford to continue my education?
  • What do I have to know, be, perceive, around time?
  • What will it take to get my work out into the world?

Here is a link to a brief video where I am teaching to a group of Hypnosis students about the concept of a "Whack on the Side of the Head".

Enjoy and start creating your life! "This ain't no dress rehearsal" Can't remember where I heard that phrase but it's so true isn't it?