Are you a big dreamer or do you learn to live with what you got?

Do you believe that some people just have good luck with money and others don't?

If you don't dream big your potential is limited. We stop ourselves from earning when we feel we have enough. In other words, when the bills are paid or any other limiting beliefs.


Make a list of your limiting beliefs around money now: (What have you been programmed to believe to be true?)

Examples: Money is evil, money can't buy happiness, if you have money someone else suffers, you are not worthy, you have to work really hard to have money, etc...

Don't skip the previous exercise, it's very important before moving forward.

Once you have established what has been programmed into you mind, where the limiting thought comes from, it's time to start reprogramming.

If you have thought that money is evil, begin to reprogram your mind with new thoughts.

Whose thoughts are those? Do they belong to you? Are you willing to destroy and un-create these old thoughts?

Now you want to become more aware of everything you do have, you don't have, and all you can have and begin to ask yourself; "What else is possible?" This question will open the door of the mind for other possibilities to come in.

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XO Tina