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Where are you going?

Stress #1 Obstacle To Client Success

I am super excited to hold my next webinar on running your own Stress Reduction Workshop using hypnosis techniques. I will be teaching 7 simple yet critical steps in running your Stress Reduction Workshops. Start with a group of your friends, and then get ready to grow your practice. Stress is...


Holistic Mind Pathway Kick Off

I am so excited to announce the kick off to Holistic Mind Pathway! If only there was a group I could have joined back in the days. In the past few years I have witnessed and fumbled around with the major changes in marketing. A little history, I opened my first business at the age of 33 when...


Getting Started

We all hit places of indecision, isn't it just an excuse from living out our potential. Most often it's hitting that place of fear. The what if's..... Projecting out into the future the unknown and somehow we go to the worse case scenario instead of the best. Indecision is a dream killer. Oh....